Hello and welcome to [Name Of Site]! This is a site designed and developed by myself, AJ, and my mum, Heather, to both inform and entertain you, the public.

The idea for this new website came around when Heather had some problems with a school and wanted to voice her opinions and hear yours on the way schools are run nowadays. The local education section will contain true stories from ourselves and newspapers. There will also be a section on the forum for you to make your contribution on the issue. We cannot allow the name of any school to be mentioned as this is clearly a breach of confidentiality, and something we can get in trouble for.

The ADHD Awareness section is something that we decided to include to inform the people about something that is important in society and sometimes overlooked. Somebody very close to us has been diagnosed with ADHD and is often branded as a problem child. This is not the case as ADHD is a recognised disability, one that is not as recognised as it should be though. In this section we aim to bring ADHD to your attention and explain what it is and how to deal with it. This section will also have a section in the forum where you can ask any questions or make any comments.

The fun section is as it suggests, fun. We have designed this section to bring a lighter note to the website and to encourage return visits. Our main attraction in this section is our 'Gruesome Gallery'. This is an assortment of photographs that we have edited, morphed and generally disfigured to make you laugh. There will be a [weekly/monthy] competition in which people can create their own pictures and send them to us in an attempt to be crowned Grusesome Gallery God. This section also includes [more ideas to follow].